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After Accident Pictures
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So happy to be home!
So happy to be home!
So happy to be home! Halloween 2009 Our little angel and vampire It was nice to be out and about! Good morning Daddy! A good way to start off the morning Bed head! IV in his arm for antibiotics
Getting better everyday A quick pic of the fam all at home Such a Daddy's girl! All smiles when she's with Daddy Relaxing on the couch together Posing for a picture before seeing Santa (2009) Humana lunch at the Galt House Like father, like son!
At the Comedy Caravan He loves standing up in the stander! Home for Christmas! Outside of Frazier Rehab
Making brownies Checking out the fish tank. On the deck. Hospitalized for UTI - June 2010 First time swimming since accident...June 11, 2010
June 11, 2010: He loved being in the pool! The one and only attempt Naomi and Ryan both stretching at rehab. Ryan's 30th Surprise Birthday Party Happy 30th! Kneeling at home Ryan showing Dane a few things on the guitar
Halloween 2010 Waiting to see Dane Cook - November 2010 Shooting hoops Naomi asking Daddy how to spell some words The instructions called for 2 batteries. Ryan thought it would be fun to use 8. Result...the kids learned that more isn't always better after witnessing the fan crash into the wall and break! Christmas 2010 Father and Son Naomi controlling the helicopter
The helicopter was getting a little close! Having a staring contest in the cafeteria at rehab! That was a tough one! Flopping on Daddy I often make the kids laugh by singing into their feet like they are microphones.  Naomi decided to do it to Ryan! Pitching to Dane Visiting a farm in Ohio Dane thought it was pretty cool that he got to milk a goat
Not as easy as it used to be, but he's doing it! ...and he wanted to get rid of all his tools when he first got home from rehab. Keeping Naomi in line at the dentist a botanical garden in Cincinnati Science Museum in Cincinatti Science Museum in Cincinatti
Loving the stander we found for the house! First day of Kindergarten and 2nd Grade! Settling in to Kindergarten! All hooked up for a study Pulmonary Training at home