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Before Accident Pictures
Karaoke - we were getting into it!
Karaoke - we were getting into it!
This is a very special picture.  Ryan took it the day before his accident. He also took video of the kids.  It made me cry when I watched it on the laptop in the ICU. June 8, 2002 Very happy day! Engagement Picture Texas Roadhouse - April 2009 Painting his '84 Firebird Showing off his paint job Carried by Daddy so she didn't have to walk so far in her tap shoes
Posing for a picture (he always wore helmet and gear when riding) Bond Falls, Michigan - June 8, 2006 Bond Falls, Michigan - June 8, 2006 Bond Falls, Michigan - June 8, 2006 Honeymoon in Jamaica Jamaica was awesome Karaoke - we were getting into it! Naomi and Dane
Fun on the merry-go-round Playing in his band in Wisconsin Loving up on Daddy Ryan's sub box business Shooting at the range Ryan designed a playset big and sturdy enough for all of us He got a lot done but the accident happened before he was able to finish it Running a 5K with his mom - May 2009
Ryan is a great big brother to his sister, Kalia (2000)
The little boy on the far right is Ryan.  The woman on the left is Ryan's mom.
Flower Girl and Greeter in cousin's wedding - May, 2009. Little Punk Snowman