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Hospital & Injury Pics
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A few days after the accident
A few days after the accident
A few days after the accident Two long weeks in a coma This was such a scary time I wasn't sure about taking pictures of him like this, but our sister-in-law was confident he would be okay... ...and these pictures would remind us of how far he'd come There were so many things keeping him alive At this time it was still uncertain if he'd be able to keep his right leg Sleeping
Sleeping A wall in his ICU room Out of the ICU after four weeks, sucking on a damp sponge He liked stretching his arm out on the trapeze Not much on that IV pole anymore Reunited after 4.5 weeks!  Ryan can't talk yet so they are signing Showing Daddy their artwork
Dane was afraid to touch him - he didn't want to hurt him Dabbing off his sweaty forehead Smooches! Daddy's girl Napping on Mommy She missed him so much Making Daddy smile with a balloon animal
Good thing she brought her chapstick! After 5.5 Frazier Rehab and out of bed for the first time. Those tubes on his right leg are connected to a wound vac that is draining out the bad fluids and helping the tissues heal (amazing machine!) Just got into bed using the electric hoyer lift. The kids called it his Snuggling with Daddy Lots of board games Blowing bubbles back at Naomi for his pulmonary therapy Enjoying the nice weather outside of the hospital
Father and Son talks... Dane is a snuggler, too Showing off the tats they got at rehab Music and Shadow Puppets for patient and family entertainment Dane lost his first tooth at the rehab hospital! Ryan's room at rehab Ryan's room at rehab He had to take an ambulance ride on a stretcher to the Neuro Clinic so they could x-ray his neck and decide it was healed enough to remove his cervical collar.
He said his head felt wobbly without the support but he was happy to be rid of that collar!