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Injury Pics (Graphic)
Outside of right leg after skin graft
Outside of right leg after skin graft
He almost lost his right leg. The doctors and nurses managed to save it. Closeup Inside of right leg The wound vac that suctioned out all the bad stuff so his leg could heal Outside of right leg after about two months of healing Inside of right leg. The nurses were amazed at how fast his leg was healing! Outside of right leg after skin graft Inside of right leg after skin graft
His thigh was the donor site for the skin graft He was glad to have the skin graft surgery behind him Outside of leg Outside of leg - at home Outside of leg and donor site on thigh - at home
Inside of leg - at home Inside of leg and sores/scars from fluid blisters Head wound from laying on cervical collar in bed Scar from wrist surgery The stitches from his spinal fusion surgery are about to be removed Scar from surgery (and pain patches on his broken shoulder blade) Cervical collar off for trach care The trach was just removed! Soon to be covered with gauze.