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It took a few different attempts on different days to be able to stand all the way up in the stander, but he did it! We were all excited to see him standing up tall! Side view showing supports in the back. Stretching out on his belly. Naomi trying out the electronic wheelchair. It used to take four people to help him sit like this! Working those arm muscles! Getting stronger and stronger!
Getting hooked up for the FES bike. His muscles were electronically stimulated to pedal the bike! As his legs moved on their own, he tried to focus on the movement. Getting up to the treadmill Getting hooked up Thinking about walking as people move his legs Second time on treadmill Lots of electrodes to monitor muscle activity
Ryan thought he felt warmth inside his calves after this session! Building up those arms The ultimate goal will be getting from the floor to the wheelchair by himself Testing reflexes Testing sensation (He can't feel this at all - his sensation stops at nipple level). No loss of sensation in his face! Electrodes to monitor muscle activity Hopefully some muscles are firing even if he can't use them (yet! :)  )
Stretching June 2, 2010: First time standing on the ground! Four people held him in place, but it took four people to help him sit at first (and he can sit by himself now). He stood up a few times like this. The longest he lasted was 1 minute, 45 seconds before his June 2, 2010 June 2, 2010 June 2, 2010 Working on better posture It's very hard to sit up tall Dips