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Dates and Events

Date Event
08/07/09 Day of wreck. Fasciotomy, 3 chest tubes
08/11/09 Spinal fusion canceled due to fever
08/12/09 First bronchoscopy (to see inside lungs), squeezed Jodi's hand
08/13/09 Trach, leg debridement, pneumonia, spinal fusion canceled due to fever, tried to turn toward voice
08/17/09 G-tube (feeding tube to stomach)
08/18/09 Spinal fusion attempt (aborted during procedure due to dangerous vitals)
08/19/09 Last (third) chest tube removed
08/20/09 Opened eyes (1:30 a.m.) That night slightly nodded & shook head to questions.
08/21/09 Third bronchoscopy (emergency in room). Wrist surgery
08/22/09 Kissed Jodi back
08/25/09 Signed “I love you” to Jodi
08/26/09 Spinal fusion surgery
08/28/09 Mouthed that the communication board was “stupid”
09/04/09 ICU to PCU
09/05/09 Talked for first time (with PM Valve) “I love you” to Jodi. Very tiring for him, back to mouthing words.
09/06/09 Dane & Naomi visited & saw Ryan for first time
09/09/09 U of L to Frazier Rehab
09/10/09 First time out of bed, in wheelchair. Allowed water & ice chips.
09/11/09 Swallow test, allowed “real food” w/thin liquid restrictions. Off oxygen. New metal trach, new neck brace.
10/09/09 Skin graft surgery
10/17/09 G-tube out
10/19/09 Trach out
10/23/09 HOME
10/26-10/29 Hospitalized: UTI
11/28-11/30 Hospitalized: UTI
01/03-01/09 Hospitalized: UTI, Kidney Infection, Sepsis
04/13-04/16 Hospitalized: UTI
06/07-06/10 Hospitalized: UTI