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ParaStep Videos

Getting set up to try the ParaStep for the first time!

Testing out the ParaStep. Dane is excited!
Here's how it works: Electrodes are put onto Ryan's legs and the wires are connected to the walker. When Ryan pushes the button on the right side of the walker, the electrodes on his right leg stimulate those muscles to take a step. When he pushes the button on the left side of the walker, the electrodes on his left leg stimulate the muscles to take a step. Very cool!

Still testing....Dane is still excited!

It's working now...! He's walking!

He's walking now! You can't really tell from this video, but afer Ryan looks up and smiles at us he starts to tear up.
It's been almost a year since his accident.

Walking with the ParaStep!

Turning around by stepping with the ParaStep.

Naomi is watching Daddy walk with the ParaStep.